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DEI Foundations for HR Managers

Strengthen Your HR Management Foundation While Building Your DEI Lens 


Manage from a Solid Foundation

Do you find yourself second-guessing how strong you are as a manager - especially when managing across lines of racial difference, gender difference, or other dimensions of identity or work-style differences?


You're not alone. Lots of managers in our sector desire to manage well, to support their teams and help them achieve outstanding results on behalf of your mission.

The challenge is managers are only developed with one-off trainings; hardly ever given a systematic approach to managing well, with tools, exact practices, and bright lines on what not to do - especially where racial justice, equity, inclusion and belonging are concerned.


That's where DEI Foundations for Managers comes in - we built this course to help you know what to do, what not to do, how to know whether you're succeeding and how to rebound from mistakes. This 6-month program provides you monthly training and support to grow as a manager, step by step, with room for practice and questions.

The next cycle begins June 1st. To learn more, book a 15 minute call with our team below.

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